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Thorough Cleaning Natural Stone

Leap Stone LTD

In principle, the prevention is essential in the maintenance all granite work floor, the slate floor or the natural stone shower beautiful and the durability. With neutral potential of hydrogen every day clean, non-toxic, organic cleaner guarantee surface not by harsh or abrasion chemical product damage.

 It is the fact stone comes from the Earth, therefore Cleaning Natural Stone only then the truth use is organic, and will not revise the stone nature constitution daily cleaner, will cause it to inscribe and to change slow. If you use in the natural stone harsh chemical product, for example the blanching or the ammonia, these chemical product will seep out into the least even porous surfaces in the stone, and creates the natural style and the variation change and changes slow. The acidic cleaner, for example the ammonia, the Cleaning Natural Stone lemon and the orange will also inscribe the granite or the marble work floor surface, leaves the similar water ring or the mark white stains. 

These stains have in fact created to the stone harm, and is irreversible does not have expert's assistance.