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What is "Stone"

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English name: Stone

As a high-grade construction decorationmaterials, stone, most people can be the type of stone used for decoration, donot understand the performance. Common market on the main stone marble,granite, terrazzo, synthetic stone of four, which they turned white marble forthe top grade marble; granite harder than marble; terrazzo are cement, concreteand other raw forging is made; synthetic stone is natural stone gravel as rawmaterial, together with adhesives by the pressure, polishing made. The lattertwo because they are made manually, so no natural stone with high intensity.

First, in addition to consideration ofnatural facing stone colors to choose from, but also the functions of thebuildings. In the home, the living room and bedroom decoration should use warmcolors to show the warm, comfortable ambience; and for the bathroom, kitchendecoration should use Sudan elegant colder tone to show clean.

Second, decorative intent and environmentalimpact due to the use of natural facing stone decorative parts of different,and different types of stone used. Buildings used for outdoor decoration, theneed to withstand wind and rain and sun and water on the granite because theydo not contain carbonate, absorption of small, wind-based capacity, the bestchoice of all types of granite stone; use decorative finishes in the livingroom floor stone, requiring that their physical and chemical properties ofstability, high mechanical strength, should be the preferred type granitestone; for dado and home decoration bedroom floor, the mechanical strengthsomewhat less desirable choice of marble with beautiful patterns .

Hao Ye-dong Stone Third, how to identifythe quality of processed stone veneer stone veneer product, its quality can notidentify from the following four aspects;

(1)view, thatthe surface structure of stone naked eye. Generally speaking, even the finestructure of the stone material has a delicate texture, the stone of highquality goods; coarse and granule structure of the stone look effect of itspoor mechanical properties are not uniform, slightly lower quality. Inaddition, natural stone geological effects of which often have some minor vein,micro-cracks, stone along the most vulnerable parts of rupture should be notedthat removed. As for the lack of edge effect is even more beautiful smallangle, choose particular attention.

(2)volume, thatvolume of stone sizes, so as not to affect splicing, or cause post-splicingpatterns, pattern, line distortion, affecting decorative effect.

(3)hearing,that hearing the sound stone percussion. In general, good quality, even withinthe dense and no stone of microfractures, the percussion sound crisp and sweet;the contrary, if the existence of micro cracks within the stone or thin veinsor indirectly due to weathering of particles thixotropic loose, then knockbanging sound gruff.

Hao Ye Super White Travertine trial, that a simple test to testthe quality good or bad stone. Usually in the back of stone on a small drop ofink droplets, such as the ink will soon spread around the leaching, it meansthat particles inside the loose stone or the existence of microscopic cracks,poor quality stone; the other hand, if the ink drops in the same place withoutmoving, it indicates Stone dense texture.

Describes several characteristics ofnatural stone

1. Fire resistance

All different kinds of stone, some stone inthe high temperature, the occurrence of chemical decomposition.

(1) Gypsum: In more than 107 C when thedecomposition.

(2), limestone, marble: in more than 910 cwhen the decomposition.

(3) granite: 600 C in the mineralcomposition of heat due to uneven splitting.

2. Expansion and contraction

Stone is also the thermal expansion andcontraction, but if the heat and then cooling, the contraction can not berestored to its original volume, and will be retained as part of a permanentexpansion; the U.S. arsenal has been tested by the 00C to 1000C, then droppedto 00C, measured permanent The degree of swelling increased 0.02-O.045%.

3. Freezing tolerance

To minus 20 Celsius, the freezing occurs,expansion of water within the pore volume than the original large 1 / 10, ifthe rock can not resist the power of this expansion occurred, there will bedestruction of the phenomenon. If the water absorption of less than 0.5%generally, do not take into account their frost resistance.

4. Compressive strength

The compressive strength of stone becauseof mineral composition, crystal thickness, cement material uniformity, loadingarea, loading effects and cleavage angle of the other factors, are different.If other conditions are usually small, crystalline particles bonded with eachother dense materials with high strength. Dense volcanic rocks in dry andsaturated water, the compressive strength did not differ (very low waterabsorption), if they are afraid of the water of the porous and cemented rock,the strength of its dry and wet, there are significant differences.

Decorative stone building with naturalstone and artificial stone two categories, mainly from natural stone, it is ahigh-level decorative materials, mainly used for decorative projects thatrequire high levels, artificial stone decoration materials are low grade onlyfor low-grade interior decoration project.

Natural stone is mined from natural rock,and also processed into a block or plate material of the general. Architecturaldecorative yao natural stone granite and marble are mainly two kinds.

The so-called marble is the deposition ofcarbonate rocks, or metamorphic rock, marble, dolomite, limestone, sandstone,shale and slate. Such as our famous white marble is dolomite produced inFangshan, Beijing, Yunnan, Dali marble is produced in the county of marble, thefamous Silicon Dandong green card, compared with serpentinized rocks.Similarly, as the various types of magmatic rock stone mining, such as granite,andesite, diabase, green long rock called granite gneiss. If Beijing is theWhite Tiger Stream granite, white granite, Jinan Green is gabbro, and Qingdao,the black granite is diabase.

Artificial stone is a synthetic decorativematerials. In accordance with the different binders can be divided into organicand inorganic man-made stone artificial stone types. According to theirdifferent production process, can be divided into polyester artificial marble,artificial marble compound, silicate-based artificial marble, artificialmarble, four types of sintered.

Marble in a kind of petit Sapphire, alsoknown as Pingnan G654. Small Sapphire Pingnan County Road for the newdevelopment zone under a stone product. Within a small timber with a smallaquamarine sapphire point, also known as "Blue Star." Imports becauseof spirit likeness "tree hanging Ice", it has made "tree hangingIce" name. Mainly used for external walls, countertops, outdoor plaza(fire board). Is an architectural decoration of high quality goods

Hao Ye beigetravertine stone decoration of four man-made materials to organic (polyestertype) the most commonly used, its physical and chemical properties are thebest.