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Coverings 2013

Leap Stone (February 20, 2013)

19 February 2013 - Products that go beyond the concept of intended use offering a perfect combination between aesthetics and technical performance, eco-friendly productions, cutting-edge technology, flexibility and customisability. These are the features of the ceramic collections that the Fincibec Group will display at the Coverings 2013 event; the most important trade fair in North America, in Atlanta (Georgia, U.S.A.) from 29 April to 2 May. 

The target audience of the construction sector, but also and above all, professionals in the fields of architecture and design, are the protagonists of a fruitful dialogue with the Sassuolo-based manufacturer that, in order to meet demands, has enriched their catalogues with flooring and walling solutions that are certificate according to the LEED criteria; standards that are extraordinarily performing and capable of safeguarding health and physical well-being. 

The Coverings trade fair is one of the most awaited events in the world of ceramics and the three brand names of the Group will take part within a single stand whose space, equally divided between Monocibec, Century, and Naxos, will be entirely accessible by visitors through a exhibition path that aims at creating a link between the three different material and aesthetic languages spoken by Fincibec. The collections on display derive from the same inspiring muse: nature and its different forms and expressions.

We are talking about Riverland, a Century collection which recalls the delicate grains of agate, the precious stone which has been extracted along the banks of the rivers for ages. The elegance expressed by the refined surface contrasts the technical features of this flooring, intended for use in heavy traffic environments such as hotels, shops and restaurants.

The environment, the typical handicrafts and traditional alpine timbers are re-proposed in the Echo wood-effect stoneware collection by Monocibec featuring aesthetics that are rustic, yet highly versatile. The listels, in the different colours and finishing, blend in beautifully in residential contexts that can be either modern or renovated, attracting the personality and the timeless appeal of veneers shaped patiently thanks to craftsmanship.

The decorative pattern of the Pixel collection by Naxos is instead inspired by the rhythms of modern times and plays with light; it refracts and breaks it into small glittering scales, identical one with the other, yet creating a result that is every time, at every moment, different. Matter comes to life where the surface intersects the sources of light revealing original chromatic depth.

The ceramic collections by Century, Monocibec and Naxos, brand names of the Fincibec Group, will be exhibited at the Coverings event in the Ceramics of Italy Pavilion, number 2831.